The Importance of Unilateral Training

Why should you incorporate unilateral training into your workouts?

Unilateral training are exercises using just one leg or one arm. By using just one limb at a time, whether it be an arm or leg, it will help increase your core stability. Your body will have to balance itself out to keep your core stable when doing an exercise.

Another reason to add in this type of training to your routine is that it helps to fix muscle imbalances. Most people often have one arm or one leg that is predominantly stronger than the other. A good way of helping to rectify this is by using unilateral training. By training each side separately it will help to strengthen each muscle which in time helps your overall lifts, may it be squats using a split squat method to help or the bench press and using a single arm chest press machine.

The next point is that it can help people playing sports so they can be made sports specific. For example most people playing sports will predominantly accelerate off one leg; so incorporating this type of training will help you to become more explosive and will help your acceleration.

My final point on using unilateral training is it will help to keep the tiny stabilising muscles strong. A lot of people tend to neglect these muscles as they are fairly small and are there mainly just to support you bigger muscles. So again training these muscles will in time help your heavier lifts.

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