Tips For Trying Not To Snack

As the summer is fast approaching and beach season is just around the corner, my diet and my workouts have started to change.

It’s time to start stripping away that layer of fat and try and reveal the lean muscle tissue that is underneath. My first month has been up and down and at times I’ve struggled to stick to the calorie target which I set myself.

Before I started to look more closely into my calorie intake I was eating when my body craves food and not taking too much into account what I was putting into my body, now that has changed my body is still craving food. I’ve managed to find a way of helping myself get over those food cravings . It sounds silly, but that way has been to start drinking flavoured sparkling water. The benefit I’ve found from drinking these is that it leaves a nice flavour in your mouth and gives you the satisfaction of eating something sweet so you will be less likely to snack on something more calorific. For example, the two brands in which I have tried - Tesco and Aldi have been very low in calories -1kcal per 100ml and also costing around 35p per 1 litre isn’t very expensive.

Now I understand that this may not work necessarily for you but for myself I’ve managed to stick to my calorie target a lot easier with the use of this tip. So give this a try and see how you get on.

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