"I joined the gym after a decade’s absence.  The equipment was all new to me and I did not have a clue how to use most of it even after the gym’s introduction.  I am retired and wanted just to tone up muscles and lose a bit of weight: nothing too strenuous!

Fortunately I found Tom who devised a bespoke routine for me and patiently showed me how to use each piece of apparatus on a 1:1 basis.  He is a friendly chap who delivered exactly what I wanted.  I would thoroughly recommend him."



Chris L, Retired

Last summer Tom came to my house and gave me some fantastic exercise workouts in my garden. It was so refreshing to be outside and certainly made exercising more rewarding. He as always pushed me to my limits and used many techniques with lots of equipment I’d never used before such as battle ropes, slam balls and weights.

My strength has improved dramatically and also my stamina. I would highly recommend Tom for training no matter what your goal may be , he is a real motivator and I can’t wait for the spring to arrive so we can get back to training.

Bev. H,