I had never used a gym nor had personal training before, but after meeting Tom at an induction session at my local gym in Chichester I thought it might be worth trying.

Tom is very knowledgeable and will tailor his training sessions to your exact needs. My aim was to build my overall strength and fitness levels, but as an added bonus within a few months I had dropped two dress sizes.

I am continuing my one-to-one personal training with Tom and have also signed up for his Boot Camp circuit training. Highly recommend him to anybody who wants to get fitter, get stronger, or wants to tone up and feel better about their body.

Lorelei Gibb, Marketing Director

Can't fault him. He'll assess you and work with you to create a plan, diet and such. In the gym or out Tom will work you, then work you again. Always positive, even when I was on the verge of exhaustion, we took 5 and then carried on. The result is worth it.

Jamie B.,

I’ve now been trained by Tom for the last six months and I’ve definitely seen the improvements. I was one of those people who would go to the gym and do the same routine and exercises every time and saw minimal improvements. But Tom has taught me loads of different exercises and programmes and shown that I’ve been doing the techniques wrong this whole time. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone, especially those who want to up their gym game and not only become bigger and stronger but understand why and how certain exercises are done.


My aim in the gym was to build on my core strength and improve my cardiovascular activities. Tom was a great support in showing me new techniques and exercises with lots of equipment which I had not used before.

He made sessions fun and made me keen to push myself to great strengths whereas previously I had grown tired and bored of routine exercises. Tom has a great personality and gave me the confidence which I was lacking to improve myself. He taught me to take my time and go at my own pace and to breathe and enjoy each session.

I feel confident now in myself and I will continue to see Tom regularly for my training and also the nutritional advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed his sessions and would advice anyone lacking in confidence to go and see him.

J Kemp,